"Shelley has been helping me run my photography business since 2001. Over the years, she has helped me handle communication with clients and vendors, organization, connecting me with assistants and second photographers, proof reading, portfolio advice and accounting advice . . . just to name a few things. As a small business owner who enjoys also having a life, I am so thankful for Shelley! She's wonderful, professional, warm and fun to work with. I often think "how would I live without this woman!!" ~ Melissa Mullen; Melissa Mullen Photography

"I've found Shelley to be approachable, trustworthy, and professional. She keeps an open mind to your thoughts, and makes sense of your direction. To say I appreciate her efforts would be an understatement." ~ Tony Downer; Tony Downer Photography

"I recently was looking for a new job and needed to spruce up my resume.  Shelley helped me by condensing & updating my resume to look more professional.  Within a week of sending my resume out I had an interview, which turned into a job offer.  Thank you Shelley!" ~ Beth Johnson

"Shelley is everything you look for when you need guidance in your business. She is organized, intelligent and business savvy. When you work with her, she listens and is totally invested in you and in helping you achieve your goals. And as added bonus, Shelley is a genuinely wonderful person - energetic and positive!" ~ Andrea York; Andrea York Photography

"Shelley has been a huge asset to my business, she is reliable, trustworthy, and extremely easy to communicate my business needs with. I would highly recommend Shelley for any type of business." ~ Erin Quintana; Owner - Denny's Pantry

"Shelley is such an important asset to my team. I can put my full trust in her to complete the tasks she is given and it feels great to have her take care of the back ends of my business that normally take up so much of my shooting and editing time. I also feel that my brand is being properly represented with Shelley managing my social media and there have been signs of growth in my social media community already in such a short time. I am really looking forward to watching things grow as we continue to work together. I am extremely grateful to have someone who is so trustworthy, diligent and hard-working be a part of my business team." ~ Rikki Snyder